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Hints and Help to Navigate the Sandstone HOA Site

Browser Requirements
You will need a java enabled browser to be able to view these pages properly. If you are having difficulty viewing these pages, consider downloading the latest copy of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft's Internet Explorer to your computer.

Sometimes your browser or your Internet Service Provider provides for caching of information on these pages. This means that the information you are viewing may not have been properly updated. To force your browser to refresh the cache, type SHIFT and push the RELOAD button on your browser (doing this at the same time) to force your browser to reload the page.

Accessing Files
The documents provided at this site are all available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. This format is used because it can be read on any platform (Apple, Microsoft, and Unix) and does not require any proprietary software. If you do not have a copy of Adobe's Acrobat reader, you can download a copy from the Adobe reader web site.

Other Difficulties
If you continue to have difficulty with using the site, please contact us at and let us know.

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