The Glades at Sandstone.
Sandstone's garden homes are available as one and two story houses containing four different layout The modern amenities are housed in a design inspired by turn of the century architectural traditions discovered in Hattiesburg's historic district.

The placement of the homes in relation to the street, lot and landscape has been coordinated to restore the sense of community found in small neighborhood settings. The houses have a carefully crafted with a unified architectural design, and many of the homes can be reached by rear-lot service ways.

Located in the heart of Sandstone, all homes have landscapes designed for relaxed living and minimum care. Street trees are placed to endow a shady spaciousness in the neighborhood. Generous decks and porches enhance opportunities for outdoor living and entertaining.

The narrow streets with their less traveled court-like enclosures are convenient to the main thoroughfare and the Glades captures the sense of living in a turn of the century Hattiesburg neighborhood.

Last Updated December 27, 2011       Sandstone HOA, Hattiesburg, MS 39402